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E= mc2, 1990.
Installation at Helen Day Art Center,
Stowe, Vermont.
perforated sheet metal,
paint, wood, mylar film, photographs, scrim, mirror, flicker flame lights, clock mechanisms
30' x 30' x 10'

excerpt from review by Sarah Seidman:
     Moving from light to darkness around the central unifying circle, there is a quiet and yet disquieting sense of time passing, of each object's immobility and yet the mobility of the self within the created structure. Just as Adam and Eve symbolize the exile from Eden into a world of time and death, the viewer's exit from this timed and timeless room becomes an almost shocking return to the known world. Selvage said her work attempts "to make visible the state of being poised at the edge of this world and the unknown". Just as Einstein expanded the universe with the theory of relativity, Selvage's "E=mc2" is a mesmerizing example of how installation art can extend the definition of art.

    This installation attempts to make visible the state of being poised on the edge of the unknown and contains a "clock tower" with three different time keeping faces (and systems). The numbers appear to be burning and spiraling in empty space